Training for conflict management.
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Sharing ideas, supporting each other
Projects and Programs
Atlanta Peace Mobile - Georgia
PeaceMobile - Lamoni, Iowa
Aloha Peace Project - Kauai, Hawaii
Peacemobile Ottawa Valley
Ottawa, Ontario Canada
Providence Bay Peacemobile Manatoulin Island, Ontario, Canada
Peacemobile - Tillsonburg, Ontario, Canada
Peacemobile - Cambridge, Ontario, Canada
Peacemobile - Barberton, Ohio
Blue Water Peacemobile - Port Huron, Michigan
Peacemobile - Holdenville, Oklahoma
Peacemobile - Portland, Oregon
Peacemobile - Australia
The Peace Makers - Denver, Colorado
Peacemobile - Honolulu, Hawaii
Peace Scholarship - Texas
Peace on Wheels - Grand Rapids, Michigan
Peace by Peace - Grand Rapids, Michigan
Peacemobile/Pavilion - Decatur, Illinois
More on the way.............
"Peaceful Links" and other fun places to visit.  .Good information and Helps
A Network for all Young Peacemaker's Clubs and PeaceMobiles is being formed.  If you'd like to be part of it or learn more about it, just email for information.

If you know of a website that shares good information and helps promote peace and peacemaking skills, let us know. We'll place the link here for all of us.
You can help these already in operation, and build others. Just email with your questions, what you'd like to help with or any suggestions...
Each peacemobile and peace project is independently operated.  To learn more about each one, click on it's button.
Please Note:
Being Developed
Fully Operational
Children's Peace Pavilion Website
The Children's Peace Pavilion
Celebrating Peace Website
Celebrating Peace
Peace Pilgrim Website
Peace Pilgrim
"We who work for peace must not falter. We must continue to pray for peace and to act for peace in whatever way we can.  We must continue to speak for peace and to live the way of peace; to inspire others, we must continue to think of peace and to know that peace is possible."                    Peace Pilgrim
We're growing Peace
Peacemobile - San Francisco, California
Christian Peacemaking
Peacemaker Ministries
Peace is a process!  So we're always under construction.  Check back often and watch us grow or come along for the ride.  Join us in our efforts to teach and spread peace and non-violence.
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Peacemobile - New Zealand
See our Peace Links
Visit other peaceful links. Click here to see our recommended sites.
National PTA Information
Peace Training
National PTA
Peace Learning Center
Peacemobile - St. Louis, Missouri
Good information, stories of YPC's, Peacemobiles, Peace Network, lots of contacts and resources.
Great place for school field trips, Pledge School Program.
Stories and history of her journey, and the words of inspiration from Peace Pilgrim.
Christian site for conflict resolution and training.
Resources for Parents and Teachers.
Peacemobile - England, UK
Children's Peace museum in Georgia
Children's PEACE Center
New Children's Museum being built in Atlanta, GA.
Peaceful poetry
Love Yourself To Peace! Inspirational & self-help posters, cards, tapes, and books by Therapist and Spiritual Teacher, Helene Rothschild.

Therapist and Spiritual Teacher, Helene Rothschild