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Sharing ideas, supporting each other
Aloha Peace Project
Kauai, Hawaii
Director Laura Taylor
Laura Taylor coordinates the operation of the Aloha Peace Project.  She and her very supportive husband, George, even build the exhibits.
George creating one of the exhibits using his "Hot Tub Workbench".
The "Wednesday Group" of the Kapaa United Church of Christ provide lots of hard work buildng and designing exhibits, volunteering to serve as Peace Guides, and just about anything else that is needed to keep the program operational for all the children of Kauai, Hawaii
Kapaa Elementary School
From Kauai, Hawaii, this months featured Site Presentation is:
Since habits are hard to break, we have an activity that will serve as a reminder for using our peace skills.  When we forget and use hurtful words, or see someone needing a friend, we can put on our Peacemaker Glasses to "see" what a Peacemaker would say.
Ms. Inch's First Grade Class at Kapaa Elementary School prepares their peacemaker's glasses for the activity.
Small groups prepare for role playing
Acting out someone who feels sad and doesn't have any friends.
We put on the Peacemaker Glasses to "see" what a Peacemaker could say to her to make her feel better.
Tutu (Grandma in Hawaiian) spends the week in the classroom to watch for Peacemakers.
As we practice good communication skills, we show we value and respect others and what they are saying.  When we share our ideas and listen to others, we build peace and understanding between people.  To practice our listening and verbal skills, we decorate a cookie while wearing a mask and receiving directions from our partner.
Peacemakers are good listeners while getting directions for the activity.
And then a peek to see how we did.
A few more words to help put on the finishing touches.
It's lots of fun to practice communicating
It takes careful watching to see if someone understands you.
Sometimes we need to give a guiding hand.
A Guest Speaker, Toni Williams, teaches the children sign language as another way to communicate.
Hands are for helping not for hurting.
Dove Tip to Memorize: