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Introducing you to Peace Travels.  A website to promote the Atlanta Peace Mobile and other peace programs.  The Peace Mobile is a traveling children's museum that teaches peace with fun, interactive, hands-on exhibits or learning centers.  The many exhibits can be brought to your location to bring the joy of peacemaking to your children, families, and neighborhoods.
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"Bringing peacemaking skills directly to your neighborhood."
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This site is sponsored by the Atlanta Peace Mobile.
There are more PeaceMobiles in various areas.  Just click on the Peace Mobiles Earth to see where the program is growing.
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Atlanta Peace Mobile
P.O. Box 379
Acworth, GA. 30101
Four aspects of peace are emphasized during a visit from a PeaceMobile:
PEACE FOR ME - helps children discover the wonder and beauty within themselves, where peace must begin. Self-esteem, uniqueness, self-confidence, and emotions are explored.
PEACE FOR US - explores daily relationships of family and friends, stressing cooperation, teamwork, respect for all, conflict resolution, mediation, and communication
PEACE FOR EVERYONE - encourages children to examine the possibilities for peace within groups, including cultural appreciation and diversity.  A world view of understanding others and their ways of living is presented.
PEACE FOR THE PLANET - planetary care, stewardship, appreciation, ecology and respect for nature are explored in educational and fun exhibits.
We feel these four aspects create the "whole" and help children learn skills to become peacemakers in their daily lives.
You can help make all the pieces come together.
Check out our other pages to learn more.
Bring the Atlanta Peace Mobile to your neighborhood.
Join our Team...Volunteer !!
Help with Finances or Supplies, donate, do fundraising, help with Grant Writing, network with others, share ideas.
Organize and support a Young Peacemakers Club
Include peacemaking skills and activities in an existing club.
Incorporate peacemaking skills into your daily life.
Become a Peace Mediator.
Be a Peacemaker at all times.
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If you are interested in starting a peace program, building a PeaceMobile or Young Peacemaker's Club, or want to join the Peace Network, please see website 
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We're building in Atlanta.Want to learn more about building a permanent Children's Peace Museum?  Click on the link to that website or send email now.
Children's PEACE Center
Children's PEACE Center